Monday, 21 March 2016


Drought made for a very small harvest but yielded intense flavoured grapes turning into intense tasting wines. Some of this is down to Johan cutting off 70% of the grapes in spring, and some due to a clever harvesting schedule which maximised the balance of sugars and acids and such.

Andy Kershaw, our UK winemaker, once again fled grey skies and the commercial winemaking (where he works) to make terroir wines with Johan.  Over his three weeks here he also better organised the winery and refined cellar systems.  Just what we needed. We have to say that the pair of winemakers spent many an hour with their noses in glasses tantalizing their taste buds with wines in process. And our staff members Charlie and Doubt, together with our volunteers, made a great winemaking team. Thanks all.

2016 wines in process

Unlike last year when we made almost no blends, this year small yields led us to making numerous blends.

Jacks Red: Shiraz/ Mourverdre/ Pinotage
Bellatrix: Sangiovese/ Cab
Galaxy: Chenin Blanc/ Viognier

And hopefully some Methode Ancestrale bubbly if the hot weather didn’t explode it all.

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