Monday, 4 April 2016

Fynbos Photos

More pics taken by visitors, volunteers and us on the farm 

A friend at Sonkop (Diana)

Cactus (Unknown)

Farmhouse kitchen (Unknown)

From Dragonridge (Amsa)

From Dragonridge 2 (Amsa)

Honey Badger stoep (Susan)

Jacaranda time 1 (Pete Silver)

Jacaranda time 2  (Diana)

Jacaranda time 3 (Diana)

Magenta 1 (Lise Martins)

Magenta 2 (Lise Martins)

Magenta 3 (Andy)

March across the Swartland (Diana)

Prize bull at Welgemeend (Diana)

Proof we are organic (Lise Martins)

Red wood (Unknown)

Sunset from Dragonridge (Amsa)

Suzie (Cheryl)

The family on the corner (Diana)

This (Lise Martins)

The anual flamingos on Boy Viljoen's dam (Unknown)

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