Thursday, 11 August 2016


We had gorgeous weather for the winter lunch and once again had a full house and lots of fun

If you are wanting to join the lunch club, please contact us by email 

All photos by Jon Riordan

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Volunteers late summer and autumn 2016

Thanks go to the final of the season’s volunteers.   We crowned Emma from the US, `label queen’, after she spent days and days writing and then stamping wine names onto labels. She also painted various signs and worked weddings not to mention sharing anti-Trump tirades.

Caro from Hamburg worked weddings and cooked and helped wherever she could. Lucky lass went on to have a fantastic trip north which included working at an elephant sanctuary.

And here for two months between school and his studies was Jonas from Germany.  His family own a large distillery and he came to get experience in wine. Jonas was very helpful in the winery, and labelled his fair share of wine. He also became renowned for glass polishing before weddings.

And then just an additional note we had a lovely visit from Sven and Geri, once volunteers now friends. They are hoping to return to Cape Town to spend much more extended time and although they would be based in Cape Town, we know we will see lots of them on the farm.


Caro (Hamburg)
 My two weeks on Fynbos Estate were a refreshing time. I stopped here between my travels around the South African coast. Right from the start I felt like being part of the farm, part of the family and fully embedded in the farm dynamics. I worked with lovely staff and enjoyed being with all the lovely animals. I spent time in the wine cellar helping to clean old bottles and making room for the new harvest. Besides, I did some wine labelling, I renovated the sign for the restaurant and cooked with Johan in the kitchen. On the wedding weekend I was part of the helping staff. I really enjoyed the nature in that rural place and that I could work with my hands.
The farm is situated in awesome landscape, surrounded by a mountain range. On my days off I did some hiking enjoying the beautiful view over the valley and over several vineyards. Thanks to the lovely place and the lovely people. Thank you for having me!

Emma (USA)
Hey guys you know that you guys are all amazing and the farm is amazing and I don’t want to leave, and will be back for sure

Jonas (Westawald)

It was a very good experience for me. Thank you. 

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Black Eagle soon to soar

Our latest house is up, with roof and insulation. Completion will be first week of September. This house has 4 large en suite rooms each of which can take extra beds. So it will be ideal for retreats where people share 4 families with children and en suites for workshop and conference guests. This means we will have 18 single rooms available and can market to corporates and other professionals.

Monday, 18 July 2016


Yes once again our Sweet pi takes the leading role in our animal tails.

Last week Wednesday when we went out for lunch leaving the dogs (we thought) fenced in, Carl led Sweet pi out through a recently dug porcupine highway and headed up Dragonridge. As usual neither came back that night leaving us concerned but not unduly worried. But by lunch time the next day only Carl returned and we heard Sweet pi barking frantically somewhere high up the west slopes.  All farm work stopped and we sent a search party up the mountain, but as the afternoon wore on and darkness fell and the rain came bucketing down, everyone came back defeated. 
All night in the cold and rain we heard Sweet pi howling piteously. None of us could cope. Gail rushed off home crying, Johan stayed awake all night, I took a sleeping tablet and the workers stopped up their ears with cotton wool.  Then at first light we went up again. But now Sweet pi was silent and we all imagined him exhausted and bleeding somewhere we would never find them.

And then we heard a shout. The men had found him –in a crevasse. A major rescue mission was mounted using ropes and a hammock made of raincoats.  Not injured at all, the troublesome truck greeted us with licks and a wagging tail.  Gail did a spectacular slide down the mountain and Pi slept solidly for a two days until it seems the misadventure passed through his memory. Though not ours. From now on we will take no chances and the dogs will be locked in the office when we go out.  

Monday, 11 July 2016


Fynbos is busy as usual. Alongside all the normal winter stuff (road works, irrigation fixing, building maintenance etc.) we have spent most of our time on wine, olives, the building of Eagle and planting.   

Overall we bottled about 1500 (recycled) bottles of wine and sent our first export pallets to the UK in June.  De Perdestal turned into a small factory as we labelled and boxed like crazy. 

Weeks of picking by the team were followed by two or three pressings to yield some 105 litres of oil. About 210 half litre bottles to go on sale

An abundance of proteas, pincushions and leucadendrons were planted at Black Eagle. Such fun for Diana

Sunday, 3 July 2016


Nicole and Joseph

Photos by Colette Yslie Benjamin

We had about 3-4 months to plan our special day, we had already travelled overseas to meet Joseph's family and they all agreed to come to Cape Town for the ceremony. We had planned a semi traditional wedding but knew it would probably be a lot different to the many weddings we had witnessed.

Luckily for us, close friends of ours had gotten married at Fynbos Estate a few months before us so we already had a venue in mind, we did enough research regarding other venues but at the end we had just fallen in love with Fynbos Estate and all its beauty.

My flower arrangements and bouquet were a combination of Fynbos and other fresh flowers and it worked so well with our surroundings that we really didn't need to have much decor at all, the garden was filled with beautiful trees and flowers from one corner to another, we were really fortunate to have found such a special place.

We had agreed on a short 30 minute ceremony, which was so much more than what we had expected. I can’t say that I remember every second of the day, there was just too much excitement and happiness and for us, that was exactly what we were looking for on our wedding day.

The evening was filled with fine wine and great food, speeches from friends and family, dancing, tears of joy and so many smiles.

We look forward to many more outings to Fynbos Estate and all the amazing people we had met that put all their love and energy into making it what it is today.
Fynbos Estate really has our hearts.

Laura and Adam

 Photos by Richard Newton

"It was about love, laughter and sharing a special moment of life with everyone important to Adam and Laura. Surrounded by the most beautiful backdrop of the Dragon ridge mountain range, family and friends joined to celebrate love." 
Everyone has just been raving about what a special day it really was. I wish I could relive it all again
Thank you so much for everything, you hosted the most amazing wedding for us

I hope your season has been fantastic so far and we really hope to come and stay for a 
night in winter :)

Adam and Laura

Lynn and Fabian

Photos by Diana

We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding the most spectacular event of my life. Fabian and I had a fantastic time and everything went off smoothly, much thanks to the help of Gail and her team.

We felt extremely blessed to start our union in such a sacred space and we will definitely never forget this for the rest of our lives.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you once again.

Other than that, I still cannot thank you enough for making everything so easy, so effortless and beautiful.

You guys are an amazing group of people and we hope to visit sometime soon.


Lynn and Fabian 

Isobell and Rehan

Photos by Shantelle Visser
We had such a fun and relaxed time at Fynbos.
Thank you for making this day even more special!
Our family and all our friends were so happy and so enjoyed the food, the lovely venue and the beautiful garden thoroughly.
We will definitely come back to Fynbos for a weekend trip just to enjoy the beauty and quietness of the place.'
Wishing you all a wonderful winter and good break! Look forward to coming to visit in the future and soaking up some of the beautiful atmosphere