Tuesday, 20 October 2015


People often send us photos taken on the farm. Here are some of these - as well as a few taken - 'in house'.

'Farm valley' by Jon Riordan

'Dusk' by Diana

'Donkey high jinx' by Diana

'Big bubble'. Unknown photographer

'Protea' by Stella Sassen and 'Teapot' by Kaarina Klint

'Protea' by Stella Sassen

'From Dragonridge' by Visitor

'Garden Buddha' by Kristi Agier

'Horse on road' by Diana

'Misty morning' by Diana and 'Protea' by Stella Stassen

'Oz' (Osama Bin Kitty)  by Kristi Agier

'Sky and Moon' by Krish Agier

'Starry night' by Modern Hearts

'Suzy Creamcheese' by  Kristi Agier

'Talulah' by Stella Sassen

'Wind in trees' by Diana

'Yoga in the old cellar' by Russel

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