Monday, 21 July 2014

The Passing of Loni

We at Fynbos are terribly sad at the death on Tuesday of our dear friend Loni Drager. Loni has been an integral part of the lives of all of us – human and animal - at the farm over the last 4 years and we shall miss her in all kinds of ways. 

Loni arrived one midweek day with the request to volunteer on the farm.  As a recent Leukaemia survivor she was living in Riebeek Kasteel taking things easy and concentrating on making her very beautiful sculptures. But having grown up on a farm she missed the outdoors – especially the wild mountain land which replenished her soul and formed the basis for much of her work.
We liked her immediately and took her up on her offer, and there after began her close connection with us and the farm. Soon she was coming once or twice a week helping us with signage, admin, gardening and weddings.  She farm sat when we were away and she helped me, Diana, especially with all matters aesthetic. Her status soon moved from that of volunteer to paid member of the Fynbos team, although she continued to spend time here sharing meals, walking with her dogs, or sitting on the stoep discussing important questions of life, death and such,  in between bursting into fits of  belly laughter at the ridiculous and the mundane.

In her quiet unassuming  way, with her wry mischievous sense of humour and her love of all that is simple, natural and wholesome, her respect for all living beings and her gentle yet discerning take on things, Loni entered our hearts where she shall forever remain. For me personally she was a kindred spirit and I looked forward to a lifetime friendship.   But all of us here from Johan and I to Gail and Marna and all the workers, mourn her passing and hope that the universe is indeed so strange and wondrous that we will meet with her again.


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Creative Life said...

Hi Diana, thank you for accommodating Loni over the past 4 years.

We use to work together on sculpture projects some years ago when we were members of Bellville art Association.

God bless

Nico Eilers