Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Still lashed by late rains in mid November, us humans have only just felt a spring in our step, although the plants perked up and showed their flowers some weeks back. Now the werf is full of the fragrance of honeysuckle, star jasmine and old fashioned roses, and the birds are busy finding mates and building nests.

......Including of course our resident owls, with the two youngsters now quite big and fierce eyed.

 Spring is the time for mending things for summer and resurrecting pool furniture and the like. Oom Pierie, our honey man is harvesting delicious farm honey, and Klippies from next door, had to shear the fattest sheep in the Swartland – viz Lambertus Basson and Baaabara. Because Lammie is now so huge, Basil had to help hold him, although once Klippies started cooing and clucking and muttering `nee nee kom noe my stoutetjie’ over and over, the pair were as meek as lambs.

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