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In May we held two workshops for professional and academics working with communities of practice and social learning. The workshops - led by U.S facilitators, Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner - were small and focused on the cases of workshop participants who brought their challenges to the table, with a view to going home with some ideas of what to do next. Participants came from all over South Africa as well as Nigeria, Tanzania, Sweden, and France.
Etienne, known for his seminal work about communities of practice, and Beverly, known for her work with international organizations, usually hold these workshops in Grass Valley, California. More information on their website:

Fynbos Estate, with its welcoming atmosphere in beautiful surroundings, was the right place to do the workshop - home from home Thank you both for everything.

Thank you for two great workshops at your place.

Now I know why people rave about Fynbos Estate.
Tony Carr Organiser


The staff of the James House orphanage spent a number of days with us. The organisation works with children who have often come to the end of the line in ordinary and even special schools, due to both learning and behaviour problems. With the help of Psychologist Bernard Altman, a new paradigm has been developed for work with these children, and this workshop was designed to acquaint staff with it. The group worked very hard, often dealing with personally gruelling issues, but by the end of the workshop, they reported that they had achieved their goal. For more info on James House and its various programmes, see


Thank you Diana and Johan for the beautiful space and the delicious food, and for your being unobtrusive but there throughout the workshop, helping to contain the process. We shall be back 
Fabio – director


Hayley with the help of her mom Valerie and close friend Madge, ran a weekend retreat, tuning participants to their higher selves and receiving guidance channelled particularly through Hayley.
They all emerged clear faced and smiling so it seems to have worked well


THANK YOU for sharing your warm, wonderful, comfy space with our group of Light workers.

It was exactly perfect for our needs and I would encourage any facilitator looking for a venue to seriously consider booking Fynbos Estate. I particularly loved hearing the barking baboons early in the morning while performing our morning ritual... it certainly added to the ambiance as we connected to Mother Earth... and to the incredible magnetic energy you're so very blessed with... I remained tuned in psychically the entire weekend and have never felt more energised during a Retreat..  The sacred garden and surrounding views provided peaceful healing moments, while indoors offered a toasty sanctuary from the winter chill. We loved it!

We are very appreciative and grateful to have had such a warm, generous, helpful hostess.... Diana, we wish you harmonious abundance, unconditional love & eternal joy... May your farm and all who contribute to its success, be blessed.

With love, light & healing blessings...

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