Monday, 8 April 2013

From the wild: Paardeberg leopard, aardvark and Genet captured on night camera, and more beautiful butterflies

These exciting photos came from the night camera on the farm Slent on the other side of the Paardeberg. Included is a male and female leopard and the rumps of what are thought to be their cubs now quite grown. Also a Large Genet , Striped polecat , Cape porcupine and Grysbok.

Cape Leopard
Cape Leopard - grown cubs
Cape Leopard
Striped Polecat
Cape Porcupine
Large Genet

Other mountain inhabitants
Fanie Rautenberg, our butterfly expert, keeps turning up beautiful butterflies on the Paardeberg . This visit he found and photographed the Protea emperor or Protea charaxes. a very beautiful butterfly.    He has now found 18 on the farm, but the scarce Mountain copper still evades him, which means he will be back for another search during April.
While up the mountain, volunteers spotted the scorpion, which looks fearsome but is in fact much less toxic than its cousin who has a much bigger stinger.  Fortunately over the 16 years we have been here, we have never encountered the latter.
This beautiful spotted eagle owl spent a long time at dusk in the jacaranda tree just outside my office, calling bewitchingly.

Common Zebra blue underside
Protea Emperor upperside
Vivid dotted blue female

Spotted Eagle Owl

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