Friday, 3 August 2012

While the cat's away...

Our Swiss Volunteer Geraldine very kindly wrote the following for us and took the pictures:
While Diana and Johan are overseas for their hard deserved vacation, Sven and I experience how it is to be responsible for a farm. Beside the daily things and works, we have several smaller and bigger projects started or already finished.

The hut up near the forest needed a proper renovation. So we started inside and renewed the lino on the floor and the isolation and we replaced and fixed the windows. Then we sanded the hut outside and put a new layer with vanish on. Now the hut shines in a new light.

Work with wood
Oakwood from wine barrels has his own special character so that it would be a waste not to reuse it. We made candleholders, plates and bowls and are still thinking of making the bench Johan likes J

Building and Painting
The weather uses material as such as wood, so that it changes their condition. A door, which fitted perfectly in, needs to be sanded and repainted after several rainy and wet winter days.
The donkeys and sheep are used to be outside. But it hurts when you see them outside with the wet coat so that a shelter is going to protect them.  Sven loves to build something for the animals and Jacob and I are giving him a hand.
Sweet pea
It is a pleasure for us to make sure that Sweet Pea doesn’t feel alone or sad without Diana and Johan. We talk and play with him as much as possible and we did wash him in the sun. Thanks Sweet Pea for being such a brave dog and good companion.

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Anonymous said...

Our sweetest P how we miss you so very much ...looks like you getting lots of sausages that side though:) How very super for you to have such loving company while D&J are away huh!! Thanks all for giving so much love to our boy ...from a little island on the other side of the world...Mike & Sue xx