Tuesday, 1 May 2012

EXCITING collaboration with Rhythm Workshop

I met Jonny Blundell at Steve Hall’s 50th birthday party here at Fynbos, when he, with two others, entertained us some great blues-rock. I then discovered that Jonny and his sister Julie specialise in facilitating interactive rhythm workshops using various instruments including musical tubes, African djembe drums, pan-pipes and assorted percussion. These workshops provide a creative slant to training sessions of any nature, as well as to teambuilding, stress relief, and simple fun.   And they are exactly what we would like to offer Fynbos guests.
I also discovered that more than interactive events, Rhythm Workshop together with Anele Viti, Vuyo Katsha, Fancy Galada and various other musicians, also entertain with a multi-cultural African musical cabaret performance.   Better and better! Great music on offer for the many celebrations, parties and weddings that happen here.

This includes:
·        Mothercity Mojo (Blues-African-Reggae -Rock band) great to dance to!!
·        Barking Family tree (original folk group) great to listen to!!
·        Full Dance band (if budget allows!)

All fired up I visited Jonny and Julie in Cape Town and a few weeks ago, and we were all excited at the prospect of collaboration on all sorts of fronts including – yes – a possible Fynbos music festival for next year.

So watch this space!!!!!

For more information on Rhythm workshop visit their website http://www.rhythmworkshop.co.za to see the scope of their work.

Email: julie@rhythmworkshop.co.za or jonny@rhythmworkshop.co.za

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Chris Ballantine said...

Sounds excellent, and I especially like the sound of "a possible Fynbos music festival for next year"!