Monday, 30 April 2012


The last while has seen many visitors to Fynbos of all ages (and species).  We have had Mia with Snowflake, Mia’s poodle, and the Steele family together with their two Yorkies.  
Mia and Snowflake
Yorkies and Mom
Sonja a friend from Sweden, brought her friend Magite here for a few days (without dogs), and Bronwyn and Liesel had a girls weekend in the cottage from Cape Town.  Liesel then brought her husband Kurt and daughter Gabrielle back the next night. 

Sonja and Magite

Liesel and Bronwyn

Liesel and family

Rosa, Anna and Chanelle
 There were also a few teenagers who lay in teenage fashion and sculpted clay animals on the veranda, and from Australia came Avril, Jules, Taryn, Cameron and baby Leon.
Anna and Chanelle
Visitors from Australia
Some of our visitors even ended up working (and no we didn’t dragoon them).  Lee and Lynden from Cape Town helped us with Leigh-Robin and James’ wedding, and Evelien, from Durban, fixed the garden swing (as she does each year).  Finally, this weekend, we had a visit from Shiraz, our friend and farm partner, from Lusaka.
Lee and Lynden
It was wonderfully relaxing and nice to stay with you in your everyday life with the animals, the people working for you & their children and the volunteers, to see the winemaking and preparation for the upcoming wedding and thereby get some insight what a day in your life might be like.

To take a walk in the mountain, relax at the pool, reading, doing Sudoku was really just what we needed too there and then. Very refreshing! To meet the vulnerable or wounded animals gave also a special dimension to it all.

Thanks again for the lovely weekend, we all really enjoyed every second of our stay and really struggled to leave ;-)  Until we visit again, keep well;   Many Thanks & Kind Regards, 
Sam Steele
I fell in love with Fynbos and will be back
Liesel Strauss
I am really looking at another date to come through soon. My friend has beaten me to it! J She’s fallen in love with Malmesbury, and esp. Fynbos Estate, with very good reason!
I am still trying to get my partner to squeeze some time away from his work soon. (not easy) for a hike and perhaps 1 or 2 nights’ stay-over...Opened the Sangiovese last week end, really & honestly, a lovely wine J  
 All the best Bronwyn
Thank you both so much for such a cool time at Fynbos......I loved being part of the wedding! 
 Hope you're chilling, a little bit at least... warm greetings, love, Lynden

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