Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Alongside our celebrations, we have had numerous workshops, and retreats at Fynbos.

The Shambhala Buddhists have had two retreats here during this period, and brought their joyfulness and peace with them. 


Pinnacle a pharmaceutical company, had their teambuilding here, picking grape and helping to turn it into wine. By their feedback they had a great time

Community Development Resource Association (CDRA) returned for another workshop after nearly two years. This time they came from all over Southern Africa to discuss the relationship between social change and learning

And A facilitator from South America ran an organic intelligence workshop at fynbos

These are some of the responses we received from them by email

From Sandra Hill from Community Development Resource Association (CDRA), Sandra facilitated a workshop with southern african participants on the relationship between learning and social change

Just some comments from participants to help make your day ‘sunny’

  • Venue perfect and ideal for this kind of work
  • Delightful food and nice venue
  • Was very happy about venue
  • Venue and food GREAT
  • Food and venue fabulous.
  • Fantastic and safe environment

And you know I LOVE being at Fynbos. A huge thanks….the setting and service made my job way easier. And thanks for the little extras like the home baking at tea time, your flexibility and warm heartedness.

Jennifer Woodhill– Shambhala Retreats

I just wanted to thank you for your very kind generosity.  We love Fynbos and are all thrilled to be able to receive the teachings in such a peaceful place - a home from home

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