Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Positive Feedback

I'd just put up our "Workshops and Retreats 2011" post, when we received the most
beautiful letter from Jennifer Woodhull...

After three wonderful meditation retreats at Fynbos, we've just booked for a fourth. This is our absolutely favourite place to hold our retreats. Not only is the environment spacious and lovely; the venue itself has an uplifted quality that makes it perfect for spiritual practice.

Weather permitting; we meditate out in the pavilion. Diana and Johan make it so easy for us to set things up the way we want them—never intrusive, they always seem to appear just when we need a particular type of table, or a piece of fabric to shade us from the noonday sun.

Johan's cooking is nothing short of inspired. His lunches have become legendary amongst our regular retreatants. We typically organise our own breakfasts and suppers, while Johan and Diana supply lunch. Again, they have a way of discreetly making sure we have everything we need. This kind of flexibility and support is rare in a venue; it's one of the things that keeps us coming back.

In short, I can't think of a more ideal venue for retreats of any kind: yoga, meditation, qigong, dance … Fynbos provides just the right balance between containment and spaciousness, with the added advantage of Johan and Diana's competent, gracious and attentive behind-the-scenes support. It gets our highest recommendation.

Jennifer Woodhull

Centre Director, Shambhala South Africa
Jennifer Woodhull
Flat 1, 1 Boveney Road
Muizenberg 7945
Cape Town
South Africa
27 (0)21 788 3466
Shambhala Retreat

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