Thursday, 21 December 2017


With a big top theme, white tent and striped red décor, this was certainly a  circus.  A little corny ` Welcome to Winedereland’ and `Life’s a Cabernet’ but then that’s what a big circus is all about.

Dragonridge was one of 65 exhibitors most of whom offered wine from all regions of the  western cape.  Throughout the three days there were lectures and blind tastings, people dressed up in strange costumes, photo booths and general bonhomie.

We were warned that the object of the exercise was not so much selling  wine (though we did some of that), but about networking and making contacts. People were excited about our story which is very different from that of the bigger wineries.

And they were much interested in the fact that our wines are natural, with no sulphurs to speak of and therefore hangover free.  We made quite a few valuable contacts and many people were also very interested  in Fynbos Estate – for accommodation, workshops, celebrations and for our periodic wine and food feasts.  Most gratifying though was the look on people’s faces when they tasted our wines. Aaah! they said. This is good.

There were three days of wine-tasting and we are very grateful to our helpers over the period,  Peter, Geraldene and Sven and Leena.

Would we do it again?  Well there was talk of a TOPS boutique wine show in the future and that would certainly be of more interest as we would be alongside the smaller more alternative wineries. 

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