Thursday, 13 April 2017


Mines we are contesting

The mines on the other side of the Paardeberg that we have appealed and the mine next to Fynbos both await responses. We will keep you posted

Illegal extending of the DE HOOP mine

Apart from the above mines there is an existent sand mine on DE HOOP farm in Joubertskloof near us that was passed and not contested.  Visitors to Fynbos have commented on how terrible it looks right here in the heart of the mountain and how bothered they are by the sand trucks and the dust they have to share the road with.

3 areas
Area across road

Watching the mine carefully, we have seen that the applicants have extended their mining well past the legal consent given. They asked for 2 areas of 2.5 hectares and have already mined more than 5 hectares and are continuing to mine additional areas besides. The extent of the mine can be seen on the photos with and additional illegal area mined across the road as well as preparation being made to mine on yet another large area.

Second area has begun

We have complained to the Swartland Municipality who say they will look into it as well as to the DMR (Department Mineral Resources). It is rumoured that the latter has little capacity to deal with their own sector. (For example the illegal mine on Granaatfontein after a year is still just in the state it was left).

Paardeberg mining on SABC

This Sunday Evening on Focus @ SABC2 there will be a program on sand mining in our area. 

50/50 to do a program on illegal mining in Gauteng and rumour has it Carte Blanche will do something too

We will keep you posted.

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