Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Here are some of the many different workshops, retreats and wine-tastings that have happened at Fynbos over the last few months. We are delighted at so many happy, well fed (and on occasion, well-wined) participants.

Shambhala Buddhism 9 day retreat

This was their yearly retreat here. And they are back early next year if anyone is keen to participate (see link below).



Shambhala never fails to attract a beautiful variety of people. This well-attended retreat was no different. The aspirant heart warriors came from all over the country - and beyond - and represented the unique diversity of this land. On this occasion commonly inspired by the prospect of contributing to a borderless Enlightened Society of the Kingdom of Shambhala. And if that sounds like too lofty or esoteric an ideal, we practised it every day, walking through the vineyards together, eating local food, and sipping tea together on the stoep - SA style. 
The week at Fynbos Estate, felt like being home. The magical surroundings under the Dragon Ridge, the wonderful home cooked food, and the warmth of our hosts Diana and Johan, consummated the occasion with abundant grace.  
Shambhala Training Levels I-III 

University of Stellenbosch Music Department writing retreat


The writing retreat at Fynbos Estate with senior graduate students and postdoctoral fellows has been a long time a coming. For many years I have looked to find a place – not too far from Stellenbosch or Cape Town – where a group of us could spend time together writing, reading, discussing, relaxing, cooking and eating together in beautiful and tranquil surroundings. The Farm House and Owl Cottage more than met with our expectations. The house provided ample rooms and tables where we could meet in small groups and discuss work, the beautiful gardens had benches and tables where individuals could withdraw and focus for a morning or an afternoon on completing a section of writing, and the entire group could gather in the evening before dinner around the fire in the lounge to discuss the progress and issues relating to a particular piece of work or study. The space was big enough to allow privacy and alone time, and intimate enough to facilitate good conversations and a spirit of togetherness. The kitchen was very well equipped and we had some memorable meals with some of the left-over tasting wines of the estate, which are excellent. And those gifted bottles of wine from the tasting room speak of something else: the generosity and hospitality of Fynbos Estate that made our stay so unforgettable. A piece of the farm will be in each of the theses and dissertations that were discussed and worked at during our week there. And I know the retreat will be a cherished memory for everyone who attended the retreat. Speaking for myself: I look forward to bringing the next cohort of young academics to Fynbos Estate soon.
Prof. Stephanus Muller, Africa Open – Institute for Music, Research and Innovation, Stellenbosch University.

Biodanza retreat

This was the third Biodanza retreat held at Fynbos, and as always we enjoyed having this lovely bunch of people here on the farm  


We all give a hearty thumbs up to you guys and to your beautiful place. Thumbs up to the accommodation, thumbs up to the food and wine, and thumbs up to the energy and peace of the farm. We hope that we can organise more Biodanza retreats at Fynbos in the future.
Facilitator (Shumi) and group.

Engine Room international workshop Engine Room international workshop

The NGO `Engine Room’ has supported more than 200 organisations all over the globe to accelerate social change through the use of data and Technology


I think I can speak for the whole group when I say this has been an
exceptional experience for all of us. Your place, your kindness and
your responsiveness have made this workshop a blast for everyone and
our guests all had a wonderful time at Fynbos.
Can't express how thankful we all are, we will most definitely keep
coming back to your place!

Julia Kaseru

Everyone was thrilled with the whole experience.
Your support from start to finish was amazing and hugely appreciated. We will definitely be recommending you and the venue to friends and colleagues :)

Anneke Victoria
Human Resources Director
The Engine Room |

Lise Marie and friends: food wine-tasting and laughter


How much we wanted to experience it all over again, and how thankful we are.
Gerda Lise and friends

Norwegian tour

A large group of Norwegians tourists once again enjoyed two nights at Fynbos.


On behalf of the Norwegian group, I would like to say thanks very much for the wonderful stay at Fynbos Estate last week. We enjoyed it all: the stunning location, the good “vibrations”, the excellent wines and food – and, last but not least, the warm and friendly welcome by you and the entire staff.
It was also very interesting to learn more about the ideas, philosophy and reality behind running such a rewarding and demanding project.
John and I are looking forward to visiting you with yet another group next time, next year, hopefully.

Warm regards to all,
Anne-Marie and John

Nathan’s Vision Quest Retreats


Thank you for a wonderful stay, beautiful venue and sincere hospitality 
Nathan Raaths.

`Unwined’ wine tasting and lunch


On behalf of our wine club ‘Unwined’, I would like to thank you for the most enjoyable wine tasting and lunch on 11 June 2016. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and we appreciate all the effort you went to, to make it a day to remember!
Thanks to Gail too for all the organizing.

Claire and Clive Lake for Unwined

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