Monday, 4 July 2016


Nicole and Joseph

Photos by Colette Yslie Benjamin

We had about 3-4 months to plan our special day, we had already travelled overseas to meet Joseph's family and they all agreed to come to Cape Town for the ceremony. We had planned a semi traditional wedding but knew it would probably be a lot different to the many weddings we had witnessed.

Luckily for us, close friends of ours had gotten married at Fynbos Estate a few months before us so we already had a venue in mind, we did enough research regarding other venues but at the end we had just fallen in love with Fynbos Estate and all its beauty.

My flower arrangements and bouquet were a combination of Fynbos and other fresh flowers and it worked so well with our surroundings that we really didn't need to have much decor at all, the garden was filled with beautiful trees and flowers from one corner to another, we were really fortunate to have found such a special place.

We had agreed on a short 30 minute ceremony, which was so much more than what we had expected. I can’t say that I remember every second of the day, there was just too much excitement and happiness and for us, that was exactly what we were looking for on our wedding day.

The evening was filled with fine wine and great food, speeches from friends and family, dancing, tears of joy and so many smiles.

We look forward to many more outings to Fynbos Estate and all the amazing people we had met that put all their love and energy into making it what it is today.
Fynbos Estate really has our hearts.

Laura and Adam

 Photos by Richard Newton

"It was about love, laughter and sharing a special moment of life with everyone important to Adam and Laura. Surrounded by the most beautiful backdrop of the Dragon ridge mountain range, family and friends joined to celebrate love." 
Everyone has just been raving about what a special day it really was. I wish I could relive it all again
Thank you so much for everything, you hosted the most amazing wedding for us

I hope your season has been fantastic so far and we really hope to come and stay for a 
night in winter :)

Adam and Laura

Lynn and Fabian

Photos by Diana

We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding the most spectacular event of my life. Fabian and I had a fantastic time and everything went off smoothly, much thanks to the help of Gail and her team.

We felt extremely blessed to start our union in such a sacred space and we will definitely never forget this for the rest of our lives.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you once again.

Other than that, I still cannot thank you enough for making everything so easy, so effortless and beautiful.

You guys are an amazing group of people and we hope to visit sometime soon.


Lynn and Fabian 

Isobell and Rehan

Photos by Shantelle Visser
We had such a fun and relaxed time at Fynbos.
Thank you for making this day even more special!
Our family and all our friends were so happy and so enjoyed the food, the lovely venue and the beautiful garden thoroughly.
We will definitely come back to Fynbos for a weekend trip just to enjoy the beauty and quietness of the place.'
Wishing you all a wonderful winter and good break! Look forward to coming to visit in the future and soaking up some of the beautiful atmosphere

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