Monday, 18 July 2016


Yes once again our Sweet pi takes the leading role in our animal tails.

Last week Wednesday when we went out for lunch leaving the dogs (we thought) fenced in, Carl led Sweet pi out through a recently dug porcupine highway and headed up Dragonridge. As usual neither came back that night leaving us concerned but not unduly worried. But by lunch time the next day only Carl returned and we heard Sweet pi barking frantically somewhere high up the west slopes.  All farm work stopped and we sent a search party up the mountain, but as the afternoon wore on and darkness fell and the rain came bucketing down, everyone came back defeated. 
All night in the cold and rain we heard Sweet pi howling piteously. None of us could cope. Gail rushed off home crying, Johan stayed awake all night, I took a sleeping tablet and the workers stopped up their ears with cotton wool.  Then at first light we went up again. But now Sweet pi was silent and we all imagined him exhausted and bleeding somewhere we would never find them.

And then we heard a shout. The men had found him –in a crevasse. A major rescue mission was mounted using ropes and a hammock made of raincoats.  Not injured at all, the troublesome truck greeted us with licks and a wagging tail.  Gail did a spectacular slide down the mountain and Pi slept solidly for a two days until it seems the misadventure passed through his memory. Though not ours. From now on we will take no chances and the dogs will be locked in the office when we go out.  

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