Thursday, 3 March 2016


This summer has been an exciting time for workshops, yearend functions, wine tastings and assorted visitors. Events have ranged from a small automotive trade fair (quite unusual for us) to plant medicine retreats to the Santam annual Swartland Olive and Wine Route lunch. We have had numerous wine tastings and did the Swartland wine tasting event at Kirstenbosch. Visitors on getaways or for day visits have come from all parts of SA and quite a few from Europe and Australia.

Workshops and Year End Events
Abraham Grosman Year End Event

Automotive Trade Fair

Fynbos Year End Function

Annual Santam Swartland Olive and Wine Route lunch.

Winemaking group from Cape Town

Plant Medicine Workshop

Swartland Wine Tasting at Kirstenbosch
Grain SA


From top left clockwise: 1) Audrey, Shaun and Madison with Gail. 2) Diana and Cheryl from  Australia. 3) Anna and Mario from Germany. 4) Anna and Mario up the mountain with Johan.
From top left clockwise: 1) Ingrid and Helen from TAC. 2 - 4) Thandika and family from Sweden and Pretoria.
From top left clockwise: 1 + 2) Chris and family from Zambia and Cape Town.  3) Christina  and Anna from Germany with Diana and Johan. 4) Denver and brothers with Cheryl.
From top left clockwise: 1) Mike, Jeremy and Erika from Australia and Cape Town. 2 - 4) The Lipmans.

Some  Comments

Thank you so much for a great weekend retreat. People are still in Bliss 
Fabian Plant Medicine

Thank you for some lovely days on your farm! Everybody loved it - big and small. We can't stop looking at photos and talking about going back... On Thandika’s birthday we enjoyed some excellent Dragonridge bubbly and red wine 😉 with our meal!
Kaarina, Thandika and Family

Thanks so much for a wonderful New Year at Fynbos. We very much enjoyed ourselves. Lise

We had a lovely time with our friends at your place.
Ann van Cappellen

Lekka braai lekka time
Grain SA

Fynbos is a perfect place for a yearend event. Michelle was very clever to find you
Michael Abrahams Gross Inc

Christmas at Fynbos was very special. And chilled. We all want to move in. Thanks for the wine tastings
Lana Lipman

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