Friday, 5 February 2016


On Thursday, despite the heat, staff, volunteers and additional helpers bottled 9,000 bottles of 2015 wine. One fifth whites and four fifths reds. It is our biggest one day bottling endeavour so far and the team was relentless with just a brief respite for iced water and burgers for lunch

Here is the process in pictures

Empty bottles arrive, are unpacked and crated before carried to the bottling plant.

A pipe goes into the wine source, the pump is switched on, empty bottles are loaded and the machine starts filling bottles.

Caps are put on before the filled bottles leave the bottling line. The wine is then crated and collected.

The bottled wine is carried to the cellar where it is unpacked and stacked for storage. A quick lunch was enjoyed at the restaurant's courtyard before the hardworking team continued.

Short video clip showing the bottling plant in action.

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