Friday, 30 October 2015


Spring has come gradually - after the driest winter the region has had in recorded history.

This means many failed wheat crops and empty dams and less money in Malmesbury. For us it means we must soon cut off much of our small crop of grapes so as not to stress
our vines, and we must make changes to our water storage and use.
We are also hurrying our programme for solar power.

Yet still, in the face of worldwide temperature rises, hurricanes and melting ice, comes the inevitability of spring; changes in light, the buzz of small creatures in search of mates, and the building of nests.   And at Fynbos not only nature comes to life, but people are up for get-togethers and getaways, weddings, workshops and retreats.
​Not to mention drinking good wine and lazing by the pool.

To be ready for the summer we are growing veggies like crazy, labelling wine and getting stuck into mending, sprucing and cleaning. We are also stocking up with hay for our animals (exchanged for use of some of our land by our neighbour), and we are clearing aliens through 'Working for Water'.
In between we are trying to remember to be in the present and smell the honeysuckle.

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