Monday, 3 August 2015

July News from Fynbos

Winter is here! 

Tallulah, Bella and Rupert sporting their winter coats.

De Perdestal takes shape

Our Sunday restaurant is almost complete.

Dragonridge Winery has a fabulous year

Making and bottling this year's delicious wine.

Cosy Caracal Cottage joins the Fynbos family 

This cosy two-bedroomed cottage is the latest addition to our accommodation.

Weddings, workshops and winetastings...

Winter has set in but the hustle and bustle continues at Fynbos. We've just finished with one wedding season and the next one is nearly upon us.

Johan creates a boerie that bites!

Johan and Livvy experimenting with his entry for the 'Beat my Wors' competition. After being challenged by fellow Swartland Independent Producers, Johan has come up with the lethal Boomslang, the name says it all!

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