Tuesday, 10 February 2015


There have been lots of friendly and hardworking volunteers over this time.

South African drama student Chante Geary, composed a song for Fynbos (see video clip bottom of page).
New Zealander James Templeton helped label wine and serve at bar.  Ronja Mienert from Germany got wedding organisation perfected for us and loved being in the garden too.  Marie Schreiber, also from Germany, gardened and worked like the devil at weddings.  Dido Voorma from Amsterdam volunteered while doing her Masters on Swartland Independent Producers (SIP), and she poured all of her considerable passion into discovering and drinking wine and cooking delicious food. For a while Dido’s boyfriend Jurian joined her and did the mammoth task of clearing our Zimbabwe creeper as well as doing a fine job at the bar.  We are delighted that Dido and Jurian are returning for 3 months on the farm to help with harvest and wine marketing.

Clockwise from top left: 1) Dido grows basil. 2) After the party with Chante, Marne, Dido and Johan. 3) Dido and Jurian. 4)  Chante and Dido labelling wine.

And then we had a short but wonderful visit from Sven Walther and Geraldine Blatter, who volunteered the year before last for many months becoming really part of the Fynbos community. They brought their friends from Ethiopia - Alexandra Huber, Rami Ahmed and baby Ilai.  Best of all they are hoping to return here for a year or more.

To you all we are very grateful for your help.  Much thanks.

Clockwise from top left: 1) James washing Sweetpi. 2) Sven & Gerri. 3) Marie on a painting job. 4)  Sven,Gerri, their friends & Ronja. 5) Spring volunteers with part of the wedding team.

Clockwise from top left: 1) James labels wine. 2) Gail and Johan with Chante, Dido and James. 3) Ronja at a wedding. 4)  Jurian and Stephan do bar.

Dear Diana and Johan,
Thank you very much for everything!
I loved my stay here, sleeping (the art hut, Farmhouse, Fynbos house, the Restaurant), eating and working at your farm.
I will miss you, the team and the animals.
I am looking forward to seeing you again! 

Dear Diana and Johan
I can’t begin to describe my time here. It was more than I ever hoped for. You made me feel so at home. Fynbos is a magical place, where I could think a lot about my life. Of course I will be back in only weeks time, and I know will miss Fynbos and you a lot.
Thank you so much for letting me in your life, I enjoyed every minute of it
See you soon,
Lots of love

Dear Diana and Johan,
The last three weeks have just been amazing. I'm really glad I decided to do Woofing in South Africa and decided to do it on your farm because otherwise I would have missed out a lot! I would have missed out the wonderful peaceful time, when the Buddhists were there. It opened my heart and mind, because I can't take it for granted to meet people so incredibly kind and inclusively. It was the perfect start in year 2015. I also would have missed out the biggest wedding you've had so far! It showed me how strong the whole Fynbos family is, and what you are capable of without going mad! Chapeau! And I would have missed out all the lovely people and animals I met. Your place is filled with love in every corner. That made my stay really special. I found paradise on earth. 
Thank you Johan and Diana, Gail, Miggie, all the amazing Zimbabs!! the donkeys, cats, dogs!
I will not forget you and promise I come back for harvest - one day!
Wish you all the best!!

My people
I think about you guys all the time and I love the photos.  Is Dido and her love still there? And the workers, my little Natasha.
From sleeping on a mattress at the floor of the mountain at Sonkop to sleeping in the chapel in the windy night air. I learnt a lot about people, nature and working hard. Taking afternoon strolls after working in the garden and moving chairs for the wedding on the plaasbakkie. What a cool experience on the most beautiful farm.
Hope u guys are smiling.
Good energies

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