Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fynbos out in the world.

In the last while Fynbos has been a topic of interest for the conservation organisation MAPA and it has appeared in the publications GO and Weg.  It seems we are increasingly out there in the world, which is very exciting for us.


“Only when people know will they care. Only when they care will they act. Only when they act can the world change”. Jane Goodall

The MAPA project is an initiative which assists organisations and individuals in the mapping and conservation of wilderness areas throughout Africa.  It runs activities ranging from online mapping of private wild land, expeditions, research and workshops. Wherever appropriate it forms partnerships with local groupings and stakeholders.

Alta de Vos, a post doctoral fellow on the Spatial Resilience of Protected Areas Programme at the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute UCT, included Fynbos in its coverage of African protected areas.
Take a look:

For people wanting to be involved in conservation work, MAPA strikes me as offering a valuable opportunity. To find out more, here are some of the links to their work:

GO / Weg 

James Bainbridge, travel writer and journalist, featured Fynbos in the publications `GO’ and `Weg’. Since its appearance we have had countless applications for South African volunteers.

From the article "Six ways to broaden your horizons"by James Bainbridge in  GO Magazine of September 2014

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