Tuesday, 11 December 2012

From the farmyard

Myrtle’s demise

Here is  god-daughter Anna Ballantine with Myrtle when she was young.
Everything has its season, and for elderly Myrtle, her season is up. She went off her food on Friday and by Saturday had died peacefully. We hope she has joined sister Mabel (also deceased this year) for some fine celestial romps.

Klippies brings his shears
 Lambert and Baabara on the other hand, winter is over, and with the hot weather, came Klippies from next door with his shears to give them a summer hair cut. Born in the Karoo, Klippies learnt to shear at age 13, and now takes less than 5 minutes to remove woolly sheep’s coats with not so much as a nick. A pleasure to watch, and Lambert and Baabara are prancing about with renewed vigour.

Chubby laying chickens

On the bird front, we have just acquired 23 extremely large fat white layers, who have begun to sing for their supper, so to speak, by producing increasing numbers of large white delicious eggs.

Carl (zeus)

Our German Shepherd pup Carl (the name Zeus just didn’t stick) is very adorable and still a calm sweet boy. He is also something of an artist, sampling his organic materials directly from the earth, and using a wide brush he carries with him to produce authentic animal prints on all surfaces. He and Sweet pea are great friends.


All goes well with the donks although we do have a fly problem near their eyes. If anyone has a non toxic type remedy for the problem, please let us know

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