Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Spring volunteers at Fynbos

With spring came Hillary Thornton from Oklahoma, and shortly after and overlapping, Tania Dinnery and Glen Holst from Australia.


Hillary had just been an intern with a wildlife photographer in Mossel Bay, where she won a competition with the photographs below.  At Fynbos she worked in the kitchen and the garden and took lots of lovely pics some of which have already been posted.  The photo of her above was taken at Rocking the Daisies which she and the other volunteers attended.

My last days in CT were wonderful. I met several great people in The Backpack, and we all had a BLAST. I am now back in America -- currently in Oklahoma, but this weekend I am moving back to Chicago where I will continue my job hunt.
I love reading the blog and seeing everyone's pictures -- it definitely helps me to still feel connected.  I think about
you guys all the time and how grateful I am that you took a chance on this silly American city girl!

Tania and Glen

Tania and Glen have both done a lot of travelling and have homes and families in Perth (Glen) and Tenerife and Barcelona (Tania). They worked like demons - in the garden, fixing things, painting, cooking, and Tania’s favourites, relating to the sheep and looking after guests.   Originally they planned to stay for just a few weeks, but ended up staying over a month.  It was great to have them.

During their stay here Tania and Glen spent time in Hermanus where they watched whales and dived with sharks. They loved both.

Letter from Glen and Tania
Five weeks ago Tania and myself arrived at Fynbos Estate for some volunteer work. Originally we had only planned to stay for three weeks though we loved it so much we stayed on for five.
Diana and Johan are really lovely people, both of them make you feel so welcome here, as if we were here at home. Their warm hospitality, beautiful farm, amazing food, range of animals and large variety of work duties has mad our stay here very enjoyable and left us with some great memories.
During our stay here, on one of our weekends off work, Tania and I were given one of the cars from the farm and spent four days away on the coast in Hermanus staying in Diana and Johans awesome holiday house. Hermanus is one of the best land based whale watching towns  in the world and we did indeed see a lot of whales. We also spent a day cage diving with the great white sharks. A great weekend.
Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and it’s our time to leave.

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