Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Increasingly we are hosting the kinds of organisations and groups that we envisaged and hoped would benefit from the farm. SAFCEI (South African Faith Communities committed to cherishing living earth) works to mobilise and support religious institutions and people of faith in their commitment to their environmental and socio-economic responsibilities. They engage at the level of policy and ethics as well as action, and their membership includes
Baha’i, Buddhists, Council of Traditional healers , Hindu  Maha  Subha,  Muslim Judicial Council, Jewish Board of Deputies,  Quakers, SA Council of Churches  and World Conference for Religions for Peace.

Staff members and representatives had their yearend board meeting at Fynbos over 3 days. They were a gentle, open and appreciative group and we enjoyed their presence very much.

If you would like to find out more, or become a member of SAFCEI, you can contact them through the following:
Tel 0217018145


Wonderful hospitality. I feel at home here. Much appreciated.
Much love

Thank you so much for your `at home’ hospitality and delicious food set in your delightful home in the midst of Fynbos. We hope to come on Retreat
Bishop Geoff Davies  

Beautiful place with diversity or creation, good food, nice views. Great hospitality111
Bapiwe SAFCEI Board

 It was a joy for us to be back at Fynbos estate! Thank you for creating this sanctuary
I hope we can find another excuse to spend more time there before too long.
And the food was out of this world! Please thank Johan!
Warm greetings from all of us at SAFCEI
Kate Davies

I enjoyed my time in a place of peace beauty and tranquility. Thank you for this precious gift.
 Tahiri Director Bahai

 Thanks for allowing your space. Awesome beauty
Jayseelan The Saviour Project

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