Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New spaces as Fynbos grows

With bookings pretty much doubled this year, Fynbos has to make some changes to its infrastructure.
A bolt hole for Diana and Johan
With both houses booked out most weekends, Johan and I need somewhere else to sleep.  So we are renovating a workers cottage under the mountain and hope to be in by mid Dec. 2012.

Our new Office
We have had to move our office out of the farmhouse, because with so much admin to deal with, and so many more bookings, we really need to be out of the farmhouse.  We have moved across the way to what was the old cellar, and we are delighted as we now have light and beautiful views.

A new storage area for the winery
With wine production up, and following our move to the big cellar last year, we have needed additional space for the storage of wine bottles and wine crates. We have therefore moved all the tractors and other assorted machinery from its shelter in front of the workshop, and replaced it with an area for this purpose.

A grown up utilities area
Now that the tractors have been evicted from their previous spot, we decided to build a whole new area for parking machinery, implements, fencing, piping, and of course refuse. Once a month we take non recyclables to the Malmesbury dump, and with so much use of the farm, we need a decent sized area for processing this. We think the workshop (against which we have built this new area) is definitely improved, and now quite character-ful (albeit in a somewhat `Moose Miller’ fashion.) Also part of our utilities upgrade is a new water tank which is double the capacity of the old one.

Refurbishing one of the huts
With a constant stream of volunteers to help us, we often need extra space for them when the accommodation is booked.  We have therefore refurbished the 6 x 3 wooden hut which stands near the workers accommodation, although it still needs an eco-loo.  It does have electricity and water

A second venue
We have just drawn up plans for bathrooms and a kitchen next to the Chapel which we will use as a second venue. This will accommodate people who need to budget very carefully by allowing them to bring their own food, and we hope it will attract workshops, spiritual retreats, youth events and parties/weddings.

Better facilities of our growing animal population
Our animal population has also grown, and with sheep, donkeys and goats now grazing, we have fenced an additional field for them as well as making a shelter for them from rain and sunshine.

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