Friday, 30 March 2012

Vanishing of the Bees

Our friend Roland living in Sweden wrote to us this week to say the following:

Hi Diana, Johan,
Here up in the hills all our honey bees have died -- as is happening around the world.
For some insight into what's going on, please:
Find Issue #322 3/29/12 –and click on HTML

Scroll down to:
Vanishing of the Bees - and watch the video

Johan also found the latest research which shows that even in sub-lethal doses, allowed by even relatively enlightened legislation, pesticides interfere with the homing capacity of bees and they die when out foraging .
The problem is very serious. The bottom line is that if bees are not saved, we will see the end of most fruits and vegetables as well as corn and other agricultural crops which depend on pollination by bees.
What can we do? Support pressure groups acting on governments to put strict legislation in place around pesticides and keep your own bees organically.

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