Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Fanie Rautenbach was back this week on our mountain, continuing his search for butterflies. He found 3 new species.
Thanks again for the opportunity today to visit the farm. I saw 10 species, 7 of which were the same as seen on the previous visit and with 3 new ones.The same ones are: African grass blue, cupreous blue, pea blue, vivid dotted blue, mountain sandman, common geranium bronze and the cape black-eye. The new ones are (photos attached): Dull copper (I've never seen this one with its wings open so photo of underside only), dwarf sandman and the common zebra blue (I saw a few of these on my way back, just entering the farm yard on the flowers of your garden). I've also attached a photo of a moth called the crimson speckled footman; they were numerous on the mountain. I think there should be one more opportunity to visit late April or early may before the winter sets in, but will let you know.



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