Wednesday, 15 February 2012


We are looking for a special home for much loved Samantha (Sammy) our five year old Labrador Dane cross. She is Labrador rather than Dane in size, is intelligent and sensitive, and we are looking for a quiet stable home for her as our guest house and function venue is too busy and chaotic for her to manage She forms a very strong bond with her owner(s) and is a most wonderful companion. She doesn’t wander and is undemanding of attention. She needs an owner who is used to having big dogs as she is very protective, will bark loudly and aggressively if strangers enter her territory on occasion has snapped. She is fine with cats and other dogs although her preference would be to be the one and only dog for somebody. She shouldn’t be placed in a home with children as she is nervous of them. She is used to sleeping in the kitchen but wouldn’t like to be left alone for many hours in the day. If you are considering taking this special girl with her particular needs, please contact Diana 022 4871153/

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