Monday, 7 November 2011

The things we learn and wisdoms shared along the way

Living on Fynbos Estate certainly brings us into contact with interesting people doing valuable things. Marie Elferson from Sweden spent a weekend with us while her partner Roland Stanbridge and their friend Kosta Economou  attended  the Highway African conference In Cape Town.  This conference concerns itself with environmental issues in the African media, and was in fact begun by Roland who established the New Media Laboratory in 1995 while lecturing at Rhodes university.  The Media Laboratory soon drew together media people from the few African countries that then had internet, and this then grew year after year to become an enormous annual even. Roland now lives on a farm in Sweden but remains active in the media field, and Dr Kosta Economou heads the dept of Culture and Media Production at Link√∂ping University in Sweden. Marie who also lives on a Swedish farm, not only took great pics of the farm, but gave us helpful advice on handling our donkeys.

Roland  sent us the following:

Thank you so much for your warm hospitality. Also the great music.. Next time I will find the time to at least climb your mountain and survey the emerging Simson & Simons reserve. Diana, do get Johan to download 'So Many Paths' by Little River band.:

... my heart is full of answers just as the sky is full of birds.
There are so many paths up the mountain, nobody knows all the ways...
there are so many paths up the mountain, and the view from the top
is still the same.

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