Wednesday, 16 November 2011


We received the email below from Jamie and Eric Sholl who have been WWOOFING with us for 5 weeks. WWOOFING  stands for Word Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and is a worldwide volunteer system whereby  people exchange work for lodging and, in some cases, food..  Fynbos has  had numerous WWOOFERS over the last two years with great success. They have come from Europe, the UK and the US and for the most part have been either young people doing their gap year, or couples in their early thirties, who travel around the world before settling down.  For those interested in WWOOFING here or elsewhere have a look at the WWOOF website. 

We have now reached our day of departure from Fynbos Estate after a great 5 week stay. It has been such a pleasure and great experience spending time here and working with Diana and Johan. My husband and I are traveling around the world for a year and we wanted somewhere to stop in the middle to work, slow down and soak in the beauty of Africa. We found them via the WWOOF website and after looking at their website and reading what they are all about, it seemed like a great fit, and it was. We were able to help with a wide range of chores around the farm from feeding the donkey's (which was my favorite), making candle holders out of wine barrels, assisting in the functions held at the farm by pouring wine for tastings or helping Johan out in the kitchen with his delicious food. On our free time we spent time hiking in their mountains, practicing yoga in any of the various gardens, sightseeing around the local area and mostly just soaking in the beauty that lies here in the farm world of South Africa. We truly feel blessed to have these lifelong memories as part of our world adventure and intend on coming back to visit!

Thank you Diana and Johan for a great "break" in our travels. We enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate all you did for us!!! Please keep in touch and we will do the same. Hope to cross paths again in the future! :

Jamie and Eric

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