Monday, 31 October 2011

Vineyard development: `Why worry be happy’

The vines which have been growing steadily, are now in flower. We are a bit worried about cold wet weather interfering with pollination, and also that low residual water levels  might make grape ripening difficult. With bush vines which are non irrigated, this can be a problem under dry conditions. But of course our worrying has nil effect, and this, after all, is farming, so we go along with Bob Marley and try not to worry and be happy .  
At the other end of the process, we are now bottling and labelling some  2008 and 2010 wines – a job mostly done by our volunteers . The volunteers include a couple Jamie and Eric from the USA,  two, Jonte and Sarah, from different parts of Germany and Sally from the UK. Apart from wine activities, the volunteers have helped in the garden and with cooking and  got stuck into maintenance and repair work.

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