Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Western Province Executive Committee for Junior Squash has an adventure up the mountain

7 members of the committee and their spouses spent  this last  weekend at the farm to celebrate a  year of their work and to say thank you to committee members and their partners. They tasted wine, went to Riebeek for dinner, had an adventure up the mountain trying to get a stuck bakkie out of the mud, and enjoyed the famous Fynbos Farm Breakfast. Some of the comments received were:

Thank you for wonderful hospitality. Sorry about the bakkie, but this is one time that we won’t forget. We all had a blast. Breakfast was great . All the very best for the future. Cynthia White

Baheya Davidson, Secretary and treasurer  wrote. Thank you for the most awesome weekend for the executive The adventure in the mountain with the bakkie was something unique and memorable.. Breakfast was superb, Thanks for everything

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