Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Farm workers attend a Cape Nature Conservation Course at Fynbos

The Cape Nature Stewardship Programme establishes contract biodiversity sites and nature reserves on privately owned wild land. Not only is Fynbos one such site, but the five day conservation course run by Louis Jordaan was held here on  Fynbos with reps from each of the farms involved.  It was fantastic to feel the excited energy growing as Louis explained ecology, showed students how to identify animal spoor and plant species, and took them on, excursions up the mountain. Since most of the participants were farm workers, the experience of being guests in the farm house was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us.

For more on the stewardship programme visit  www.capenature.co.za. And for those interested in guided trail in the Klein Karroo by the very knowledgeable Louis, he can be contacted through his website www.minwater.co.za

Some of the comments received were:

'Lovely farm and great hospitality. I really enjoyed staying and working here for the week' Louis Jordaan facilitator
'Alles was goed. lekker Kos en Akkomodasie’   Participant
'The way it is very good was' Participant

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