Thursday, 22 September 2011

The farm is full of surprises

One never knows quite what will happen at the farm and who will turn up.  A few days ago when I arrived for my Wednesday morning  at the farm, I found a new face smiling at me from the breakfast table. This was Rembrandt, a young  Dutch man, who had pitched up the day before wanting to break his motor bike journey to Namibia with a couple of days in a quiet spot.  When asked what he could offer in return for  a few days of  bed and board, he had said he was a tree feller. And it just so happened that Johan and Diana were in need of someone handy with a chain saw to cut down the mountain aliens. These had sprouted after the fire and were now abundant with yellow flowers just waiting to send noxious seeds far and wide. So Rembrandt stayed a day or two and did some much valued work before going on his way refreshed well fed and happy.

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