Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Clive and Brigitte 15/01/11

I really have wanted to post something about this wedding, but for some reason I haven’t gotten round to it. When I read photographer Roberta Crumplin’s blog though I knew it was time. I tried to link to her post unfortunately though for some reason, probably my computer skills, the link wouldn’t work. As I really wanted to share her take on the occasion I hope that she won’t mind that I’ve used her words but I think that together with her gorgeous photographs they sum everything up.

In mid Jan Clive and Brigitte tied the knot at Fynbos Estate which is close to Malmesbury. I’d met them at the estate about a week before their wedding – almost all of their planning and organising had been done from the UK – and we’d gone for a walk around to see where we could shoot. There were so many awesome spots to choose from and I fell in love with how laid back it all was and the colours of the house – blue and red – which purely co-incidentally were the colours for Clive and Brigitte’s wedding ; )
The day before the wedding, however, Clive and Brigitte were told they might have to move their wedding . . . sometimes crazy things happen . . . and in this case it was a serious bush fire that was burning in the hills surrounding the estate. When you plan a wedding there’s only so much you can plan for and a roaring fire typically isn’t something high on the bride and groom’s list of eventualities. Fynbos Estate were awesome about the whole thing though and had even gone so far as to organise a new venue and accommodation for them!!
As it turned out it wasn’t needed and the evening before the wedding the wind shifted and the fire moved off in another direction! See, every cloud (of smoke) has it’s silver lining ; )

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Lisa said...

So lovely, can't wait for my wedding at the farm in December!